Reagan Review


The Reagan Review staff pledges to: publish articles that will not disparage any individual and will not interfere with rights of privacy.We publish this online newspaper for the student body, faculty,and community members. No articles will convey bias or be based on personal motives. All articles will have well supported and developed arguments, we will not take credit for work and publication of others. All material in Reagan Review is intended to inform, entertain, and communicate to the public.

The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the faculty and the administration but rather those of the author or the newspaper staff and its editors. Reagan Review welcomes letters to the editor on topics of interest to RRDHS and its surrounding community. Letters must be signed;however names may be withheld upon request and with the concurrence of the editorial board.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject, edit, or shorten letters. we also welcome contributions from writers not associated with the newspaper staff. All freelance material should be submitted to the journalism room or sent to [email protected] All submissions must bear the author’s name.

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