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Winter Pep Rally 2016

Winter Pep Rally 2016

December 16, 2016

Reagan’s Pep Rally was a success!  The school gymnasium, which is always used to facilitate games and sports, has been transformed into a great gymkhana. The Pep Rally is an event famed for all high schools in the United States, where games and competitions involving teachers and students are held. Students were grabbing donuts from a rope without using their hands, cheerleaders and dancers are competing against each other in tug-of-war, students were engaged pie eating contests, and more. Students who wanted to attend paid $ 5, and were able to show up to the event during their last class period of the day.

“It was lit! It was the best Pep Rally ever. I really enjoyed the Sensations dance. It was sensational!”  expressed Carlos Montiel.  

“It was a fun experience. I can’t wait to be a senior. The school did a really good job. The time was perfect and everything was so organized. I loved it.” affirmed Diego Martinez.

“I do not usually like pep rallies, because I am so shy. But this time, I used the opportunity to participate and it was so great for me”,  said Alberto Soto.

The school was also  the stage for a lot of dancers. Dance class, Dance Club, and other students participated in the “Winter Wonderland”, a dance event held in the school auditorium.

It gave the chance for a lot of student dancers to get on stage for the first time with a big audience. The tickets were sold for $5  for Reagan students and $10 for guests.

Sally Alcantara, Senior at Reagan was one of the dancers in the show.  She was asked how she felt before and after the show.  “Before the show, I was really nervous. I thought that I would mess up. But then, I did my best. Everyone did. And now, I am so proud of myself, and happy.”  Alcantara explained that they rehearsed with little time, and pulled through with many challenges.  Participants like her felt proud of their accomplishments, having contributed to a significant part of a school-wide event.  Not only was the process worth promoting school spirit, students unanimously agreed that the performances and their experience turned out to be one that made them proud to be part of this school.


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  1. Anthony Correa on January 11th, 2017 12:40 pm

    I had a really great time. The activities they performed where super fun and exciting to watch.

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