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Getting ready for prom!

Emily Ochoa, Reporter

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The most anticipated moment in senior year, PROM! Most girls dreams of going to prom with the perfect dress, the perfect makeup and the perfect date. Here is how to get ready for one of the best nights of your life. Weeks before the big day, girls start dress shopping, the most tedious part. Finding the perfect dress is not an easy thing to do.

“I went to about 15 different stores because there were so many different kinds, I just couldn’t decide” said Kaitlyn Contreras.

There are many stores that sell prom dresses such as Sheri Hill, Nordstrom, Dillard’s and many more. Most probably you won’t find your prom dress on the first try, unless you are incredibly lucky. Make sure to go into the stores with an open mind because maybe they won’t have what you want, but don’t worry, you’ll find the perfect dress.

Now that you have your dress sorted out, you have to figure out what kind of make-up you want. Do you want something natural or something dramatic, a nude lip or a red lip? No matter what, do not get stressed out. There are many things to figure out and you can go to Macy’s and ask the make-up retailers for help.

“I went to Sephora and told them my kind of dress, also what make-up looks I had in mind and they helped me figure everything out” said Naomy Gonzalez.

Just tell them what kind of look you want and they will help you figure it out.

All over social media are these videos of amazing prom-posals. Some with just a banner, others with a few people and some are even flash mobs.

Be creative when asking you date to the Prom.

Be creative when asking your date to the prom.

Going to prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So who cares if you don’t have a date, grab your closest friends and go together because high school prom only happens once. Now that you have your dress, make-up and date/friend you are ready to go to prom!

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Getting ready for prom!