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Coffee House, the Friday Everyone’s Been Waiting for

Alissa Lago, Regan Senior, coffee house 2/5/16

Alissa Lago, Regan Senior, coffee house 2/5/16

Hannah Daigle, Reporter

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Coffee house, it only happens every so often but when it does, five dollars will get you more than just through the door .A cool hang out space, live performances and free coffee from 6:00 to 9:45.

Anyone can participate; from the artists to the audience it’s a win. And all the proceeds made, go to funding Reagan’s Choir.

Alissa Lago, Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High School Senior, and Reagan Singer’s member, tells of what it takes to really get Coffee house where it needs to be.

“We start setting up at 4:30 and the show starts at 6, that’s how long it takes us to set up.” Lago explains. “Sometimes we prepare things beforehand like all the auditions and stuff are done the week before.”

“The way the auditions work is we bring people in one by one and we audition them. They sing the song they chose to auction with and we put in certain notes here and there depending on the quality of their performance.”

Lago then goes on to talk about what it really takes to get into to coffee house.

“We try to rate them [auditions] as best as possible, being as kind as we can. It really isn’t difficult to get into coffee house and we don’t want it to be. But, sometimes we do have to cut acts depending on the amount of space we end up needing for each person to perform. So we have to start cutting certain acts.

Alissa couldn’t stress enough how important it is to make everyone feel like they have a place in coffee house. “We judge them on how well their voice is toned in the end and if we don’t have enough space we try to cut the people doing more than one performance, and then go from there.
“As breezy as the coordinators make it feel, Coffee House can be a little stressful to set up, but in the end it’s for a good cause and we always end up having a great time,”

After asked how she thought this coffee House went, Lago had nothing but good things to say.
“I think this Coffee House went amazing. We made a significant amount of money, the hosts did a very good job, and it was a great show.”

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Coffee House, the Friday Everyone’s Been Waiting for